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Our Proven Method - The Process of SERP Ranking In Detail

The Three Steps, The How & The Why - Our method of boosting SERP ranking explained - The "secret sauce"

Here, We will detail in plain English exactly how it is that we go about boosting your sites position and rankings in SERPs and why it works. This is a proven method, one that can never be detected or \"penalized\"

Step 1: Keyword Search
It all begins by searching for your desired keywords in your desired search engine, taking note of the positions of a competitor your wish to demote as well as your listing you wish to promote
Step 2: Pogo Stick it To Your Competitors - Get Their Site Demoted
"Pogo Sticking" is the act of clicking on a search result, and then quickly clicking the back arrow. This increases the sites bounce rate and makes them look uninteresting. SE's perceive that the quick exit is due to either the page content not matching the Meta description, The content not being relevant or vaild to the intended search query, and in other cases, simply inadequate content, or content that doesn't satisfy the intent of the search. Do this about 40-70% of the time - often enough to demote your competitor, not often enough to make it obvious it was you
Step 3: Create Positive Engagements to Boost Rankings
Engage heavily with your site- Spend time on it, scroll, visit multiple pages, click on content, interact with it, leaving SE's To believe Your site is more interesting and valuable to users- This includes Long visit durations, no bounce, multiple page views, clicks, scrolling nd ineteractioin with your site such as scrolling, clicking on elements, multiple page views, and more, that you would engage in during a visit to a site that you are getting a valuable experience from, and ultimately leaving the site through either a link within your conent or a simple "x" out of the tab or window, but NEVER a back arrow to the results. This leads the Search Engine to believe that your site adequately satisfied the intent of your search query, and provided a positive experience for the end user *(the searcher) and boost your position in the SERPS while demoting a competitor whose engagement metrics are not performing as well (such as your competitor from step 2)
How it works`- The specific actions that make the difference
Ht works - First, we send the baseline message to the search engine, which prompts it to take notice of your keyword via performing a search. This allows us to identify a target competitor to demote in SERPS as as well as identifying where in the SERPS your link is ranking presently. Then, we begin to execute our strategy. Roughly 40-70% of the time (a substantial enough percentage without going overboard and creating a footprint) we click on the competitor's link first and then immediately click the back arrow to return to the search results... then scroll down to our listing that we want to promote, and click on it. We NEVER click the back arrow out of this site, instead we remain on the site for 5 or more minutes clicking through to multiple pages, scrolling clicking and interacting with the site elements, and interacting with the site the very same way any interested visitor would, leaving the site only by either clicking on a link located on your site or closing out the tab. (The times we forego the competitors links we skip directly from step 1 to step 3)
Why It Works - Why Our Methods Of Ranking Sites In SERPS with SEO Keyword Click Thru Traffic Work
The CTR Manipulation Method we utilize works - and always will, because it uses the very nature of the search engine, and the most basic information it can collect about a search and wields it to your advantage. When you search for your keyword, you are able to find your competitor's link and mimic behaviors that would indicate that users are generally dissatisfied with the content of that page for that query - which would lead any search engine to devalue that site. What we do next, is we mimic positive user experiences 100% of the time on your site, with extended site visits, very active and engaged activity on the site, several pages viewed, several elements clicked on or interacted with, and an exit that would lead to the conclusion that the answer to your search query was satisfied during the visit to your site. These are signals that any search engine of any kind could not possibly ignore as reasons to elevate this listing further towards the top of the SERPs. These are not from Datacenter bots, or all from one location or IP address or even region. These will be searches and visits performed from REAL residential and mobile IP addresses throughout the country, spread out throughout the day -making them impossible to track, fingerprint, or otherwise recognize as a pattern. Maximum impact, zero risk.
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31, Jan 2022
Search Keyword CTR Important Metric To Watch

Importance Of Search Keyword Click-Through Rate


When you create a website, the idea is to reach more people quickly. You want to present enough information for your customers, which they can access at their fingertips. Is this website a success? Did it achieve the target? The ideal way to gauge the success of your website is statistics.

Check the analytical data to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are visiting your site?
  • How many are spending time on your page? and
  • How many are hitting the back button?
  • What is your CTR (Click-Through Rate)?

What Is Search Keyword CTR?

CTR – Click-Through Rate is the number of clicks your website gets. When a person searches for something specific on a search engine, they use keywords or associated words. The search engine will provide results that contain the keywords and information related to the keywords. 

The visitor then clicks on the top results on the page to get the answer to their queries. The number of such clicks you get on your web page is your website’s Click-Through Rate.

Why Is CTR Important?

The Click-through rate helps your page rank better. If you are keen on being a top-ranked website, then search keyword CTR is very important. 

When people click on your page when it is listed on the SERP, they are looking for answers. If they get the answers, they stay on the page and read through the information you provide on the page. They won’t hit the back button and go back to the results page, looking for another website 

The number of clicks your page gets shows the search engine how many visitors were attracted to your website, and the time spent will help ascertain how useful your content was. More number of clicks means more users. Hence, CTR is very important.

Can CTR Impact Your SERP Ranking

Yes, it can. Search keywordCTR is an important parameter to measure the success of a website. 

The more clicks your page gets, the better it will rank on the search engine. The search engine aims to provide the best possible results for its users. When more people visit your website and spend time on it, it tells the search engine that your page has good information relevant to the keyword searched. 

So, when your page gets more clicks, its ranking increases, slowly pushing it to the top. People generally visit the top-ranked pages and move on. Only those looking for more details or doing some detailed study or research on a topic will go on to the next page of results.


How To Improve Your CTR?

Everyone is keen on improving their CTR using different methods and ideas. You can find some useful tips on

Apart from using the right keywords in your webpage and providing good quality content, the meta description plays an important role too. Studies have shown that people read the meta description and click on the link only if they feel the page covers what they are looking for.

Investing in PPC ads can also help increase your search keyword CTR and SERP ranking. Use the right images, videos, and URLs to improve the quality of your page. It will make them more informative, useful, and attractive to the readers.


The more the number of clicks your page gets, the better will be the ranking. Higher the ranking, more people will visit your page. This is a vicious cycle that is fueled by the usage of the right search keywords and attractive presentation of useful information.